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Analytical Cluster (standard protocols)
Computer simulation of lignin production
Industrially 80% phenol replacement in resoles
New lignin production plant in Canada
New lignin production plant in Finland
2 new updated GPC protocols
Molecular mass reference samples
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The International Lignin Institute is:
  • A common action of stakeholders in the lignin field for efficient promotion of lignin research and introduction of lignin to new markets, as well as for better understanding of lignin’s fundamental features
  • A concerted way to identify research needs, define priorities and have common project approaches.
The International Lignin Institute (ILI) is an association that has its headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland).
It is primarily functioning as a networking organization, supporting its members and the cause of lignin.
ILI is guided by the vision of a future technology for a multi-product conversion of alternative ligno-cellulosic plants in environmentally proper cyclic processes where lignin is a major product, used at highest possible value.
ILI is attempting to complement existing wood & plant chemistry institutions and to promote modern R&D management concepts in terms of teamwork, partnerships and interactive, focused communications.
The basic membership in ILI gives access to the non-confidential information available to ILI. It also gives access to the network of members and to the ILI communication system as well as to the project information reserved to ILI members. When the profile of interests for a member is known ILI might also transfer relevant information and contacts. The members can inform ILI about developments and competencies in order to facilitate the role of ILI as a clearing house for information and in specific cases as a technology transfer agent. ILI can function as a "matchmaker" in establishing partnerships. The Online Newsletter is accesssible to members and is open to inputs from members in the form of articles, advertisements on announcements. ILI publications and conference proceedings are available to members at reduced cost.
Take profit of the existing and upcoming activities of ILI :
  By joining ILI you will get close to the action and have direct access to the profits of its network: optimise your research by better co-ordination, take profit of upcoming new projects, get support for your own new projects.
Support the common goal by joining the group:
  The common action of all parties interested by increased interest in lignin research need also your support. Each additional participant means increased weight for the ongoing actions and more profit for all members, for lignin and for other biomass products.
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100.00 Euro/Year
(available only for private persons with no professional interest in lignin, members of Universities have to register as non-profit organization, employees of companies as corporate member )

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