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Analytical Cluster (standard protocols)
Computer simulation of lignin production
Industrially 80% phenol replacement in resoles
New lignin production plant in Canada
New lignin production plant in Finland
2 new updated GPC protocols
Molecular mass reference samples

Out of the many project ideas promoted by ILI during the last 10 years (projects), a network of real operating projects has been emerging. Projects from other activity pools have since joined the ILI umbrella programme which is becoming more and more an inventary of projects in the lignin field.

In the same way as it has been done informally up to now, ILI is also in future available to do active co-ordination between these and other projects related to lignin promotion and to integrate the information available for dissemination in these projects in its continuous thematic activities. At the "Forum 8" conference in Rome, topics have been defined for a clearer organisation of the data available in the ILI umbrella programme. New data are in the future made available to ILI members in real time in the Online Newsletter

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ILI is editing a collection of norms for lignin analysis. These norms have been developped and tested in the Eurolignin project. The results of their application to four typical lignins are available under the topic Round Robins on the Eurolignin database. Further updating of the norms is currently in progress. Members can find the latest versions under updated protocols. Additional work on lignin structural characterisation is also available to them under analytical clusters.

The Eurolignin Round Robin has shown additional need for research on molecular weight determination (MWD) and on NMR. These protocols will be further developped and improved. Main focus is on: purification procedures (salts, polysacharides) and their influence on the analytical results, minimisation of losses during purification procedures, adsorption on SEC columns, solubility behaviour and best solvents for lignin analysis, absolute measurements of molecular weights, development of reference lignins for calibration purposes.

Already more than 10 laboratories have declared their intention to participate in this follow up. Coordination is done through the ILI umbrella programme. Read more

Other aspects of lignin analysis are developped in the Analytical Cluster project: NMR, solubility, melting behaviour, reactivity, organoleptic properties. Read more

The ILI-Series contain reports, surveys, proceedings of the different activities of ILI, as far as they are not confidential. For the moment, nine volumes are available. Read More

ILI is organising regular conferences and workshops under the title of "Forums". These Forums function partially like conventional scientific conferences, but partially also give space to disseminate ideas, concepts and general discussion about the lignin and biomass field. The goal of these manifestations is to inform about new promising developments in the lignin field, as well as the personal and informal contact between members. Eight conferences have until now been organized under the name of Forum 1-8.

ILI Forum 8 - Rome, May 10-11-(12), 2007

The Eurolignin project has ended officially on July 31th 2005. At the last project meeting, it was decided to give access to the Eurolignin databases to all members of ILI who can access to the database on EUROLIGNIN. The activities of Eurolignin are informally continued, in the framework of different other programs like COST actions and international conferences (see also ILI umbrella programme).

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