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Analytical Cluster (standard protocols)
Computer simulation of lignin production
Industrially 80% phenol replacement in resoles
New lignin production plant in Canada
New lignin production plant in Finland
2 new updated GPC protocols
Molecular mass reference samples
The International Lignin Institute (ILI) is an international professional association, created in 1991, that has its headquarter in Lausanne, Switzerland. ILI is primarily functioning as a networking organization, supporting its members and the cause of lignin. ILI is guided by the vision of a future technology for a multi-product conversion of alternative lignocellulosic plants in environmentally proper cyclic processes where lignin is a major product, used at highest possible value. ILI attempts to complement existing wood chemistry and chemistry institutions and promote modern R&D management concepts in terms of teamwork, partnerships and interactive, focused communications.
The vision is translated into a COMMON ACTION of stakeholders in the lignin field for efficient promotion of lignin research and introduction of lignin into new markets. This concerted approach to identify research needs and define priorities has been successfully implemented in a thematic network financed by the European Union called EUROLIGNIN and is now further developped in multiple on going activities. Namely the ILI UMBRELLA programme has been conceived with the goal to create an international coordinated network for lignin.
the various links emerging from the successful Eurolignin project activity lead to an international network co-ordinating the multiple actitvities in the field of lignin but also with adjacent fields (biofuels and biorefineries, pulp and paper, other plant derived materials etc.)
for the members, involving conferences (Forums), workshops, reports and updates for specialists and newcomers on various lignin aspects like production and availability, uses and developments needs, research priorities and strategic issues
where ILI acts as "matchmaker" to facilitate partnerships, between R&D and market actors, producers and users of lignin. ILI is supporting the writing of project proposals and the creation of partnerships. Furthermore coordination with EU and national projects is carried out through the ILI UMBRELLA approach.

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using co-operation between various on-going projects as tools. The main continuously developping themes are:

  • Methods and standards for lignin characterisation – improved understanding of the lignin structure, definition of reliable and reproducible analytical methods that allow successful characterisation of main technical lignins, round robins and reference samples

  • Production of primary (non derivatised) and secondary (chemically modified or otherwise improved) lignins – product information, samples, contacts to existing and potential producers, future development of new improved products with higher purity and more narrow distribution of characteristics

  • Lignin bioactivity (Life Sciences) - applications and fundamental understanding of lignin-protein interaction useful for improving the biological processes in plants, animals and human beings.

  • Smart polymers – development of high value products with very specific characteristics, using the multiple properties of lignin at micro and nano scale (free radical scavenging, surfactant properties, interaction with photons, interaction with micro-organisms etc.)

  • Lignin composites - markets and products related to the fundamental character of lignin as a reactive dendritic macromolecule, using most appropriately the linear and branched domains of lignins for thermosets, thermoplastics, speciality products etc.
Project Ideas
ILI Umbrella Programme
ILI is organised in different organs: The General Assembly (GA) does elections, defines and approves ILI's activity, budgets and general principles. The Executive Committee is the board of representatives elected by the GA that decides on current items and on all issues that are not reserved to GA by the statutes. The President and the Managing Director form the Managing Committee that manages all current business.
For financing its activities, ILI follows entrepreneurial principles: different means are collected and organised by the Managing Committee according to projects and attributed budgets. Internal financial means are rather limited and exclusively formed by membership fees. In order to keep membership fees low and make ILI accessible to a public as important as possible, the ILI Management launches and carries out various projects that must be financially autonomous each. These projects can be publicly financed (National Gouvernments, European Commission) or carried out on behalf of private entities (Mandates). The later might be protected by secrecy conditions that limit critical information to the directly involved project management. Further external revenues are conference fees, sales of documentation, sales of samples.
Any possible exceeding financial flow generated by such making available of ILI's competences to external parties, is exclusively used for internal purposes and for carrying out -otherwise difficult to finance - additional work for further development of ILI and of its goals.
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