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Analytical methods

These functions need membership. The main tool for information flow between members (and from the outside to the members) is the Online Newsletter. In addition, in order to promote selected lignin applications in a more efficient way, recently the Pilot Programme has been created.

Pilot Programme


Created in november 2017, the Pilot Programme aims at an accelerated transition towards industrial application. Its objective is to speed up the passage from research to market. In a first step, information about the stage of development of selected lignin applications is collected, including research needs, as well as technical and non-technical barriers to real industrial implementation.

For the startup of this activity a relatively large selection of lignin applications has been defined. Restriction to less topics at a later stage can be expected.

The topics presently under examination are:
thermosets with high lignin content of 70-80% in phenolic resins (resoles and novolacs), in epoxies and polyurethanes, increase of reactivity for thermosets by chemical activation (chemical or enzymatic demethylolation, grafting of functional groups, catalysts) or reduction of molecular weight (ultrafiltration or depolymerisation), UV blockers in plastic films or in cosmetics, emulsifiers in cosmetics or industrial applications, applications in asphalt and bitumen, barriers in packaging, concrete plasticisers and superplasticisers, dispersants of dyes and other surfactants, heavy metal binding in soils, slow release coatings for fertilisers and pesticides, antioxidants in health applications (nutraceuticals), activated carbons, carbon black as filler, carbon fibres, biochar, composites in WPCs and reinforced foams.

In all these domains, members of ILI have activities. If you can submit information on these topics or are interested in receiving the summaries of the collected information or getting involved in the resulting project acticities, contact us here
Thematic Online
Newsletter and Database
The Online Newsletter presents upcoming new information about lignin in real time as it becomes available and is organised in 9 topics: General Information, Production, Analytics and Structure, Thermosets, Thermoplastics, Speci ality Chemicals, Smart Polymers, Life Science and Other.

It involves all type of publications but one of its strong points is to give access to not widely published papers from conferences and workshops and to PhDs about the lignin topic.

In addition, this feature is also an overview on the state of art for each of these topics. In an introductory text it gives summaries on the content and the main issues in every topic. Using this text, the references given and the papers posted under the topic (including the Database sections with reference papers and older papers), the reader should be able to get a general overview about the topic's progress in the past and the present.
Please submit your files for the Online Newsletter (no requirement on type and format: powerpoints, overviews, posters, articles etc. ) as PDF files (if possible <500 kB) to
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