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Computer simulation of lignin production
Industrially 80% phenol replacement in resoles
New lignin production plant in Canada
New lignin production plant in Finland
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Oral Presentations
Chair: Ed de Jong
Noncovalent interactions between lignin substructures - Implications for lignin biosynthesis and effects on properties of lignin-based polymeric materials
S. Sarkanen, Y. Chen - University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
14:40 SEC of lignins
G. Reinhold - Polymer Standards Service, Germany
Study of esparto grass (stipa tenacissima) lignins
T. Stevanovic, H. Nadji, B. Riedl, Y. Bedard, P.N. Diouf - Laval Univesity, Canada
A. Benaboura - University of Sciences and Technology, Algiers, Algeria
Physical properties of lignin and interactions at lignin interfaces
M. Norgren - Mid Sweden University, Sweden
S.M. Notley - Australian National University, Australia
Structure and dynamics in aqueous solutions of lignosulfonate
R. A. Lauten - Borregaard Lignotech, Norway
U. Vainio, R. Serimaa - Department of Physical Sciences, Finland
Poster Presentations
Thermochemical and hydrodynamic characterisation of lignosulphonates modified by membrane methods
L. Parfenova, N.I. Afanasjev - Institute of ecological problems in the North, Archangelsk, Russia
G.M. Poltoratsky, State University of Plant Polymers, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Application of mathematical models in deconvolution of lignin fluorescence spectra
D. Djikanovic, A. Kalauzi, K. Radotic, M. Jeremic - University of Belgrade, Serbia
C. Lapierre - Institut National Agronomique, Thivernal-Grignon, France
Deconvolution of lignin fluorescence spectra. Contribution to the comparative structural studies of lignins
K. Radotic, D. Djikanovic, A. Kalauzi, M. Jeremic - University of Belgrade, Serbia
C. Lapierre - Institut National Agronomique, Thivernal-Grignon, France
Impact of lignin on the non-biodegradability of fossil wood cellulose
V. Lechien - Walloon Center of Industrial Biology, Belgium
Philippe Thonart, Gembloux Agricultural Faculty, Belgium
Exploration of the conformational preferences of the major lignin dimers. A theoretical study using ab initio methods
C. Agache - University of Brasov, Romania
V.I. Popa - Technical University, Jassy, Romania
Oral Presentations
Chair: Jairo Lora
Chemical characterization and principal-component analysis of enhanced agrochemical formulations
S. Brudin, P. Schoemakers - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
J. Berwick, M. Duffin - Syngenta, United Kingdom
Green chemistry and sustainable development
V.I. Popa and I. Volf - Technical University of Iasi, Romania
The role of high dispersion lignin in creation of UV protection in textiles
R. Kozlowski, M. Zimniewska, J. Batog - Institute of Natural Fibres, Poland
Oral Presentations
Chair: Goeran Gellerstedt
Lignin in blends with synthetic polymers
D. Feldman, D. Banu - Concordia University, Canada
Natural antioxidants from agroindustrial wastes. Sources, separation and practical implications
V.I. Popa, M. Danaila, I. Volf, M. I. Popa - Technical University of Iasi, Romania
Poster Presentations
Lignin low molar mass fractions involvement in the synthesis of PF matrices
N. Gabilondo, C. Peña, A. Tejado, J. Labidi, I. Mondragon - University of the Basque Country, Spain
H. Wedin - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Swelling and thermal properties of cellulose/lignin or lignin epoxy-resin hydrogels
D. Ciolacu, G. Cazacu - "Petru Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania
8 Study on the thermal stability of lignin/poly(vinyl alcohol) blends
G. Cazacu, C. Vasile - "Petru Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania
Emulsifier capacity of black liquor lignin fractions extracted by organic solvents
A.M. Gonzalez, J.P. Herrera, A.J. Rodríguez-Malaver - University de Los Andes, Venezuela
Role of lignin structure in foams formations and their stability
R. Hernandez, J. Bullon - Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
Influence of timber species and polymolecular characteristics of sulfate lignin on properties of solutions and emulsions
N.I. Afanasiev, N.V. Selivanova, S.B. Selyanina, M.V. Trufanova - Institute of ecological problems in the North, Russia
Polyelectrolytic lignosulfonate-chitosan complex
N.A. Makarevich - National Academy of Sciences, Belarus
N.I. Afanasiev, I.A. Palamarchuk, T.A. Boitsova, T.A. Lichutina - Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Natural polyphenolic compounds. Structure, bioavailability and microbial interactions
V.I. Popa - Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, Romania
N. Anghel, M. Danaila, I. Volf - Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania
Comparison of rotational and linear welding of different wood materials
T. Stevanovic - Laval University, Quebec, Canada L. Resch, A. Despres, C. Ganne-Chedeville, A. Pizzi, J.F. Bocquet - University of Nancy 1, France
M. Properzi, F. Pichelin - University of Applied Sciences, Biel, Switzerland

Influence of polyphenols on the biosynthesis of carotenoids by yeast
V.I. Popa, M. Danaila, I. Volf, - Technical University of Iasi, Romania

Oral Presentations
Chair: Per Tomani
Development & demonstration of the LignoBoost process
P. Tomani, P. Axegard - STFI-Packforsk, Sweden
Lignin from biorefineries: progression from market development scale to commercial scale production
K. Pye - Lignol Energy Corporation, Canada

Oxypropylation of lignins and characterization of the ensuing polyols
C.A. Cateto, M.F. Barreiro - Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal
A.E. Rodrigues - Universidade do Porto, Portugal
M.N. Belgacem, École Française de Papeterie et des Industries Graphiques, France

Lignin hydrophobization by different estherification reactions
G. Constantinescu, G. Cazacu, N. Anghel - "Petru Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Romania
Enzymatic functionalisation of lignin
T. Tamminen, K. Kruus, A. Suurnäkki - VTT, Finland
L. Viikari - University of Helsinki, Finland
Poster Presentations

Activation of lignocellulosic raw materials by oxidizing enzymes
R. Kozlowski, J. Batog, A. Przepiera - Institute of Natural Fibres, Poland

Enzymatic finishing and functionalisation of lignocellulosic based technical fibres
H. Krajnc, M. Schroeder, V. Kokol, - University of Maribor, Slovenia
G. M. Guebitz - Graz University of Technology, Austria
Homogeneous catalytic oxidation of lignin in alkaline water-ethanol medium
K.G. Bogolitsyn, N.R. Popova, A.E. Kosheleva - Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Russia
A comparative study on the roles of ABTS and two N-OH-type compounds in laccase-mediator systems applied to biotransformation of a natural and an industrial lignin
M.A. Falcón, K. González Arzola, M.C. Arévalo, F. Perestelo, A. Carnicero - University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
J.R. Hernández Fernaud - Proteomic Service, Tenerife, Spain
Oral Presentations
Chair: Galia Shulga
Effect of precipitation conditions on properties of lignin from the LignoBoost process
H. Wallmo, H. Theliander - Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden K. Lindgren - STFI-Packforsk, Sweden
Disaggregation of the structure of primary and modified kraft lignin in alkaline media
G. Shulga, O. Aniskevicha, J. Brovkina, V. Shakels - Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia
J. Zakharova - Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Lignin: an alternative source for the production of chemicals?
T. Voitl, R. Amandi, Ph. R. von Rohr - ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Lignin residues in pyrolysis oil
C. Freda, D. Barisano, F. Nanna, V. Valerio, F. Zimbardi - ENEA, Italy

Poster Presentations
Electrochemical degradation of phenolic compounds from pulp effluents with Sn/Pb anodes
W.D. Zambrano, M. Mendez, A.M. Gonzalez, A.J. Rodriguez-Malaver - Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela

Production of sulphur-free lignin from beech wood for a continuous hydrothermal degradation of phenolic compounds
G. Unkelbach, D. Schmiedl, R. Schweppe, J. Graf, T. Hirth - Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, Germany
M. Plass, J. Launhardt, R. Busch - DOW Deutschland GmbH & Co., Germany

Oral Presentations
Chair: Richard Gosselink
Selective oxidation of lignin by periodate
R. Gosselink, D. van Es, A. E. Frissen, J.E.G van Dam - Agrotechnology and Food Innovations B.V., the Netherlands
L. Thiel, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie, Montpellier, France
A. Deak - Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
Mechanism and kinetics of polymerization of new resins based on lignin/polyfurfuryl alcohol
N. Guigo, L. Vincent, A. Mija, N. Sbirrazzuoli - University of Nice, France
S. Lepifre, P. Bono - Granit Recherche Développement SA, Switzerland
Study on hydroxymethylation reaction of alkali lignin
V.I. Popa, Th. Malutan, R. Nicu - Technical University of Iasi, Romania
Furfurylation of wood - Possible interactions between furfuryl alcohol and lignin
S. Barsberg, L. Thygesen - University of Copenhagen, Denmark
A novel approach for recovery of lignin from alkaline pulping liquors
I. Nohlgren - Energy Technology Center, Pitea, Sweden
C. Lindström - Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner, Sweden
L. Stigsson - KIRAM, Sweden
Poster Presentations
Properties of modified sulphur-free lignins: methylolated lignins
S. Lepifre, P. Bono, J. Lora - Granit Recherche Développement SA, Switzerland
Study concerning composites based on natural resources: lignocelluloses, lignins and furan resins
N. Popa, R. Todorica - SC Fibresin SA, Romania
V.I. Popa - Technical University of Iasi, Romania
N. Guigo, A. Mija - University of Nice, France
Study concerning the use of sulfur-free lignin in a new class of biomass based adhesives
V.I. Popa, F.Ciolacu - Technical University of Iasi, Romania
25 The interaction of lignins, furan resins and furfuryl alcohol in adhesive systems
V.I. Popa, E. Ungureanu, T. Todorciuc - Technical University of Iasi, Romania
The impact of transitional metal ions on the adhesive systems based on lignins, furan resins and furfuryl alcohol
V.I. Popa, T. Todorciuc, E.Ungureanu - Technical University of Iasi, Romania
27 Effects of laccase treatments on technical lignins properties
G. Sena-Martins, V. Lourenço, C. Ferreira, J.C. Duarte - INETI, Portugal
Performance of two non wood soda lignin derivatives in oriented strandboard powder phenolic adhesives
J. H. Lora - Granit Recherche Developpement SA, Switzerland
Q. Wu - Louisiana State University, USA
Oral Presentations
Lignin research challenges in the versatile processum biorefinery cluster
H. Grundberg - Processum Biorefinery Initiative, Sweden
Oral Presentations

Is gel permeation chromatography applicable to lignin?
A. Abaecherli - International Lignin Institute ILI, Switzerland
T. Q. Nguyen - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

NMR spectroscopy of lignosulfonates
B.O. Myrvold, B.F. Lutnaes, R.A. Lauten, H.H. Oevreboe - Borregaard Industries, Norway
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