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These functions need membership. The main tool for information flow between members (and from the outside to the members) is the Online Newsletter.

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Stockholm March 24/25, 2011

It will be organised in joint organisation with the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) taking place the same week from 22nd to 24th of March. The ILI Forum 9 conference will be entirely dedicated to the topic lignin during the full two days of the 24th/25th of March.
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Workshop in Joint Organisation with COST action E50
Workshop in Joint Organisation with COST action E50.

A three day COST E50 Meeting has taken place from Oct 27th to Oct 29th, 2008. The second day, Oct 28th, was reserved for lignin related topics and combined with an ILI Workshop.

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The Online Newsletter presents upcoming new information about lignin in real time as it becomes available and is organised in 9 topics: General Information, Production, Analytics and Structure, Thermosets, Thermoplastics, Speci ality Chemicals, Smart Polymers, Life Science and Other.

It involves all type of publication but one of its strong points is to give access to not widely published papers from conferences and workshops and to PhDs about the lignin topic.

In addition, this feature is also an overview on the state of art for each of these topics. In an introductory text it gives summaries on the content and the main issues in every topic. Using this text, the references given and the papers posted under the topic (including the Database sections with reference papers and older papers), the reader should be able to get a general overview about the topic's progress in the past and the present.
Please submit your files for the Online Newsletter (no requirement on type and format: powerpoints, overviews, posters, articles etc. ) as PDF files (if possible <500 kB) to
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